This is a HTML5 build of our demo scene, it is quite rough, it looks like unity has a way to go with building their WebGL player.

Unity-5, PBR, Metal/Smooth and 4K textures; these are just some of the some of the buzzwords we intend to inflict on you in this advertisement.</p>

Introducing: Hydraulic Parts

Here at Codeloaf Studios we are PERILOUSLY OVERSTOCKED on Hydraulic components and Robotics. We cannot open a cupboard without being accosted by Hydraulics that are fastidiously seeking a purpose in their hitherto meaningless lives.

Do you yearn to have objects or items adjusted in your chosen 3D virtual environment by believable looking mechanical Grabbers, Rotators, Hydraulic Pistons and More?

This model pack contains a wide variety of Hydraulic components which, when cleverly combined, can give you Robotics and Hydraulics with an almost limitless range of motion. It contains a number of prefabs which indicate how some of the disparate individual components fit together. But there is no reason you cannot apply your fertile imagination to an infinite number of other combinations and applications that we here at Codeloaf Studios cannot possibly imagine!

View this Sample Scene to see everything included in this package: pepper your brain-meats with the seeds of possibility!

The models make full use of Unity-5's new PBR standard shaders, each part contains Albedo, Metal/Smooth, Normal and Occlusion maps. Harness the power of Unity-5's new shaders and use all the maps or simplify the material down to the basics for mobile devices.

These, combined into the material, give an incredibly life-like look to the components, with reflectivity, individual bumps and details all accounted for. If the desire rests in your soul to use them for a lower fidelity application, only some of the maps can be used at your discretion.

The asset ships with 1K textures but being the genuinely awesome people we are 4K textures and materials are available for free! We would have packaged them with the asset but including them in the download would balloon it to a rather large file size we do not wish to forcibly inflict upon anyone. Get your 4K textures here: 4K Textures Pack

Do your game assets and objects lie forlorn and unmanipulated?

Do your doors, bridges and mechanical components sit idle with no handsome systems in place to shove them around?

Do you need more robotics in your life?

Do you want a free Tophat?

Then buy Hydraulic Parts today.